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ITN 101

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Eric J. Martin, MSIT, CASP, Security+
Assistant Professor of Information Technology

Division of Information Technology and Business 

Tidewater Community College

Advanced Technology Center Virginia Beach Campus

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Phone: 757-402-9707



Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to Tidewater Community College, and to the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) where I teach both ITE 115- Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts and ITN 101 - Introduction to Network Concepts.  Once again, I wish you a warm welcome to the campus at Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach.  My name is Eric Martin, and I’ll be your Professor for one, or both, of the courses mentioned above.


About Me

     I’m a retired veteran of the United States Navy, originally from the Jacksonville, FL area.  I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent in service to our country, and I value and appreciate the privilege that is mine to continue to serve as an educator in the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

      My educational background began at ECPI University, here in Virginia Beach, where I completed my Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Computer Information Sciences in May of 2001.  I then decided to go online with my educational endeavors, and I completed my undergraduate degree at Trident University and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Management (B.S.I.T.M.) in December 2007.  Furthering my education, I continued on to Grantham University and the University of Management and Technology where I completed my Masters of Science degree in Information Technology (M.S.I.T.) with a major in Management of Information Systems in January 2014.

      I was recently elected to serve on the Global and Intercultural Learning Committee where I will work to represent all cultures and people who make up the unique multicultural identity we know today as TCC.  Recently, I’ve started to work towards my Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) with an emphasis in Leadership in Higher Education in March of 2015 through North Central University and should complete it by January of 2018.

      I am married to my long-time sweetheart, Shirly, and we have one son, Arsenio, aged 13, and we live in here in Virginia Beach. 


My Courses

As an adjunct faculty member, and an Assistant Professor, I’ve only yet been assigned to teach ITE 115/ITN 101 and Security+ at the Suffolk campus; however, I am looking forward to seeing each and every last one of you in class this upcoming Summer and Fall semesters here at TCC, and I’m certain we’ll learn from each other, and at the same time, enjoy the journey of learning!


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