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Selected Links for Students of Childhood Development

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State initiatives for improving the quality of child care and early education programs:

The VECF, Virginia Early Childhood Foundation is a good source of information on how early care and education is changing and how these changes will affect children, families and the people who work with them.  You may also be able to use the research information on the page entitled: Evidence-Based

The Smart Beginnings websites below are where you will find specific information relating to the Smart Beginnings Organization in Virginia and the Hampton Roads areas.  Smart Beginnings is an organization for improving the quality of child care throughout the nation.  Each state and locality has its own organization.

The Virginia State Organization site: Smart Beginnings

Local:  The Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads website is a source of information about local child care programs that participate in the Virginia STAR Quality System (QRIS).  On this site, you will find how local programs are rated for quality.  Their STAR ratings can be viewed.  A Kindergarten Readiness checklist is also on this site.

Milestones of Child Development gives an overview of developmental milestones with suggestions for how adults can support development at each level.  This resource can be used for teacher planning, and assessing and documenting development.

Milestones of Development

Teacher Resource:


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The Milestones of Child Development

The Competencies for Early Childhood Professional booklet is a guide to the competencies that are needed by professionals who provide child care and early education programs.  This guide can be used to plan professional development activities and assess the professional development of people working in the early education field at all levels.

Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals image

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Competencies for Early Childhood Professional booklet


The Lattice of Professional Development can be used to develop a career path in the field of early childhood education.

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Lattice of Professional Development

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the main website for early childhood education professionals.  Here, you will find important position papers, the code of Ethics for our profession and many other helpful resources.  You may wish to join this organization and the state and local affiliates to become involved in professional activities that affect the lives of children, families, and teachers.

Affiliate websites: The Southern Association for Early Childhood Education and for the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education.

To find information regarding the Child Care Provider Scholarship program, click the following link: Virginia Department of Social Services.   This scholarship program pays tuition for early childhood education teachers who are currently working in the field.

Virginia's Office of Early Childhood Development
Information on state initiatives, links for early childhood professionals

List of Early Childhood Accrediting Agencies in the US

Virginia Child Care Resource and Referral Network (VACCRRN)

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)

Child Care Licensing - Virginia Department of Social Services (VADSS)

Early Childhood DSS Publications (VADSS)

Choosing Quality Childcare Resource Guide (VADSS)


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