Carole B. Whitener

Professor of Early Childhood Development
Division of Business, Public Services and Technologies
Office: Room 2001, Whitehurst
Phone: 822-5211

Early Childhood Development Faculty
Chesapeake Campus

Carole Whitener, Program Head, CHD Chesapeake Campus Carole Whitener, Program Head
For more than 40 years, I have been an early childhood educator.  Some of my past experiences include: kindergarten teacher, writing and curriculum development, serving on the Virginia Alignment Committee that developed the Milestones of Child Development and Competencies for CHD Professionals , and children’s television show host.  I’ve managed grants, consulted for child care, preschool, public and private programs, and conducted training at the national, state and local levels. Currently, I serve as a Master STAR Rater, for the Virginia Quality Improvement System (QRIS).  This role gives me the opportunity to visit child care and early education programs, regularly.

Some  professional affiliations, offices, and awards include: Recipient of the Anchor Award for Children and Families in Tidewater,  President of the Virginia Association for the Education of Young Children (VAECE), and a recipient of the VAECE Outstanding Service to the Children of Virginia Award.  As the Virginia Representative and Public Policy Chair on the Board of Directors for the Southern Association for Early Childhood Education, I developed a  Position Statement on the importance of the Arts in children’s development.  This position paper can be found on the SECA website.

Like my students, I have many opportunities to learn and many roles: teacher, student, child advocate, wife, mother,  grandmother, niece, neighbor.   Each role provides a different perspective to inform my practice as an early childhood educator.  I believe that becoming a good teacher is a lifelong journey and that children need for us to take seriously, the study of their development and because children are miracles, our job is to create, with reverence and gratitude, interactions and environments that are worthy of miracles.

The Adjunct Professors, on the Chesapeake Campus have relevant experiences that inform their teaching:

Toni Cacace-DeshearsToni Cacace-Beshears

Professor Cacace-Beshears  teaches our Administration and Home, School, Community courses.  She  is a respected leader and advocate for children.  Her reputation extends throughout Virginia and beyond and her accomplishments are too numerous to list here.  Currently, she serves on the Governor’s Child Care Council, where she provides input for policy makers.   She is the CEO for Children’s Harbor managing 4 child care programs,  USDA food service programs and providing training services throughout Tidewater.  She is a past president of the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education (VAECE), and currently serves as a member of the nominating committee for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Board.   She has also served as the Virginia Representative on the Board of the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA). Her first-hand knowledge of how programs should be run and the economic, social, and political supports that are required to make programs successful ensure that her Administration courses are practical and helpful for students who are managing programs or hope to in the future.

Theresa Brickhouse

Professor Brickhouse teaches The Exceptional Child, and many of the other CHD courses.  She has served as adjunct Professor for more than 25 years.  When not teaching for TCC, she teaches Kindergarten in the Chesapeake City School system.  Other relevant experiences include,  trainer, curriculum developer, child care teacher and director of a child care center.  She is also certified as a Brain Trauma Specialist.  Varied experiences in the classroom at numerous levels and as a Director, have given her unique insights into children’s development and the daily issues faced by teachers.  Her practical, creative, teaching style serves to enliven the CHD curriculum at TCC.

Joetta Camp  

Professor Camp teaches the Models of Child Development, Observation and Participation, and Portfolio courses.  She has served as Director of Child Care Programs and as a Regional Director for La Petite centers.  Currently, she serves as a Master STAR Rater for the Virginia Quality Improvement System (QRIS).  Since there are only 9 STAR Raters at the Master level of proficiency, in Virginia, students in her courses can count on her guidance to help them develop the skills needed to build a high quality program.  She is an expert on the rating scales that are used to assess quality in early education programs.

Lee DeansLee Deans

Professor Deans teaches Math, Science, and Social Studies, Child Guidance, and Art, Music and Movement courses.  When not teaching for TCC, she teaches for the Chesapeake City Schools, where she was once teacher of the year at her school.  She writes science curriculum and has developed a Watershed Project Study Guide  for the Virginian Pilot.  Her approach to teaching is hands-on  and meaningful to children.   For example, her class planted a Riparian barrier as an ecology project and incubated duck and chicken eggs in the main lobby of the school so that all classes could be involved.   Children, throughout the school observed the life cycle of chickens and ducks unfold.   On hatching day, a live video feed of the chicks, pecking out of their shells ran in all classrooms and, of course, children were taken to the observation window to see the chicks first-hand.  The next year, children visited the farm to reunite with the chicks and gather the eggs laid by their grownup chicks.  Her hands on, holistic approaches to teaching and learning provide incentives for our TCC students to be creative and think outside the box.
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