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MyMathLab is the software that my classes use to complete homework assignments.  Using the MyMathLab software for the homework assignments represents 10% of your overall grade, so please make sure you plan accordingly with respect to time, and make sure that you have access to a computer with internet access. Please see me if you have questions or concerns about this matter.

Study Skills Presentation
This is a presentation that I give to my secondary education students at the beginning of each new semester. There are several things that might peak your interest....its worth a shot!

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Mathematical Development and Spina Bifida
One of the topics in mathematics education that is near and dear to me is the developmental of mathematical knowledge in mentally disabled persons. Having taught special education students in my experience as both a middle school and a high school mathematics teacher, I find it interesting how we can transfer math knowledge to these individuals. From my experience, it is a matter of presentation of material...they can do it!


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