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Who Is This Carl Seward Fellow, Anyway?

Carl William Seward serves as a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Tidewater Community College (TCC) Chesapeake Campus, located Chesapeake, Virginia. In addition to his adjunct teaching duties at TCC Chesapeake Campus, by day, Carl is a high school mathematics teacher, having taught a range of courses in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and now in the Portsmouth City Public Schools, Portsmouth, Virginia.

Carl has earned both the bachelor of science degree (with high honors) in mathematics, and a master of science degree in mathematics from Elizabeth City State University.  He has also received advanced training in theoretical and experimental particle physics from Hampton University; combinatorics and cyptography from North Carolina State University; and neuropsychological research on executive functions from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  Currently, Carl is involved in graduate studies in the area of educational leadership and administration at the George Washington University with the hopes of earning his doctorate.

Research Areas:
Issues in Secondary and Collegiate Mathematics Education
Educational Leadership in Urban School Districts
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics


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