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Christy Hewett  Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Mathematics Courses

Tidewater Community College 

Office Hours are posted at CW138 and posted in BlackBoard

Virginia Beach Campus 


Mathematics and Engineering Division 

Office  CW 138 

Blackwater Building 
1700 College Crescent 
Virginia Beach, VA  23453 
(757) 822 - 7070

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email: chewett@tcc.edu


Math 03   (Beginning Algebra)

Math 04   (Intermediate Algebra)

Math 158 (College Algebra)

Math 163 (Pre-Calculus)

Math 164 (Trigonometry)

Math 166 (Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry)

Math 173 (Engineering Calculus)

Math 270 (Business Calculus)

Math157 (Statistics)

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