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Last Update: January 25, 2012

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What is a Hybrid Class?

According to Webster's dictionary, hybrid is anything of mixed origin. In the case of education, it is a combination of the standard classroom and some other format. Most recently it has come to mean classes which use a traditional classroom or a computer classroom and an online component. You will not have to have strong computer skills although basic skills will help. You will also not need to have a personal computer with Internet service. We have several computer labs here on campus which are open from early morning until late at night and weekends too.

Here at Tidewater Community College, hybrid classes can take on many forms and the only way you can be sure of what your class will consist of is to talk to the teacher or check her/his web site. You can find the web site by going to the TCC Web site link (TCC HOME-- Faculty--E-Directory) and looking up the instructor's name. You will see that each teacher does it a bit differently. Some may meet in a classroom every week, and some may meet on campus on a less frequent schedule, but you will meet weekly in some manner. Most will use a learning platform called BlackBoard to do the online work. You will find instructions for using BlackBoard on the TCC home page or in my ITTL podcasts.

If you are considering a gybrid class with me, Bonnie Startt, here is what you can expect. My class will meet 2 times a week. We will meet one day in the computer lab found in the G Building. You can expect that during the first classes. I will walk you through using the Web-Mail and signing on to our BlackBoard Site. Later on the alternate day, our class will meet on BlackBoard. We will not have to meet at the usual class time. I will post your assignment on a set evening, and you will have 7 days at midnight to complete your work. The first week I will be in our G classroom on our online class should you have any problems or need extra help.

I can assure you that this is not a difficult style of class, and I can promise that I (or your instructor) will be here to make sure you are comfortable with anything you are unsure about. You will also find that our staff in the open computer labs are a great resource if you get stuck.