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Quiz 1 -- Tour 1

Quiz 1 --- Tour 1


Quiz 2 -- Tour 2

Quiz 2 -- Tour 2


Quiz 3 -- Tour 3

Quiz 3 -- Tour 3


Quiz 4 -- Tour 4

Quiz 4 -- Tour 4












Quiz -- Chapters 9 and 10

Quiz Chapter 9

  1. Print color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  2. Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
  3. Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
  4. 256 Color Palette for Indexed Color
  5. The Bit – Depth since images only display @ 72 dpi
  6. 256 Shades of Gray
  7. 16,777,216 colors
  8. No because the monitor will only support 256 colors on the display monitor
  9. 65,536 colors
  10. Smaller because you increased the number of pixels per inch on the screen therefore images will display smaller at the higher resolution
  11. Because you are displaying fewer pixels per inch using less video memory therefore the system  can “possibly” display a higher color palette
  12. – 14.























Quiz Chapter 10

  1. JPEG – Gradients and Blending of Image using 24 bit color palette
  2. GIF – 1 color simple line art type image
  3. GIF – However the shadow effect will be pixilated so this may be better optimized as a JPEG
  4. GIF – However the shadow effect will be pixilated so this may be better optimized as a JPEG
  5. A. Unlimited Color is not an advantage of GIF
  6. B. Lossless Compression is not an attribute of JPEG images. JPEG uses lossy compression
  7. B. anti-aliasing will increase file size
  8. ADA compliance for visually impaired as the ALT tag will be read back through an text-speech reader. Improves navigation if graphic images are turned off.
  9. 2 images.

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Self Guided Tours -- Chapter 10

Self Guided Tour Chapter 10

  1. Can’t change these monitors to 256 color since it is not supported by the video card. If you see dithering it is because the graphic was not optimized properly.
  2. If your connection is slow enough you will see the graphic load every other line. But that's the point for interlacing it helps to give the impression that the graphic is loading faster.
  3. Digital Picture quality, Gradient, or grayscale
  4. Can see the jaggies on the edge of the text
  5. http://coxavid.com You cannot tell the size of the thumbnail or Large Pic in Flash
  6. Even if the graphic is turned off the image map will still be there.
  7. http://mlb.com  takes a long time to download the page with all the graphics and Flash pieces on it.
  8. This site is an example of why you should not use graphics http://intensemuscle.com/27249-bens-all-capitals-poopypants-journal-112.html 
    • Unfortunately this can be applied to many graphics. Particularly with novices as they want to fill the page and resort to adding meaningless content and graphical elements.
  9. Yes – the alt information will be listed for the image or button name.
  10. Need a slow connection to see these load. This is basically a JPEG interlaced to help display the graphic image more quickly on slow modem connectons.

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