Course Requirements:

*See Course Calendar for dates for exams and paper.

Reading:  Weekly assignments are given in the required textbook and in online web sites.  Students are expected to complete these assignments in a timely manner.  

Blackboard Discussions:  A total of five (5) Blackboard discussion assignments are given for the semester.  Each assignment is worth  4 points.  I will only contact students if their bb assignments are incomplete or less than 4 points.

Exam and Quizzes:  There will be one final exam and three quizzes.  The quizzes will be on the reading and websites and will be in the form of essay questions.  The  final exam will consist of multiple-choice and essay questions.  The questions will probe your knowledge of the basic facts, including the meaning of terms (example:  ‘Explain the meaning of “nirvana” in Buddhism.’); and your comprehension of the ideas that inform the religious and art studied in the course.

Course Grades:  The final course grade will be calculated as follows: 

  1. Final exam = 40%
  2. Quizzes = 20% each  (3 quizzes,  two highest grades will be counted)
  3. Blackboard Assignments= 20%

Grading Scale:  The grading scale is as follows:  A=100-90; B=89-80; C=79-70; D=69-60; F=59-0

Drop Policy:  Except for documented mitigating circumstances, no withdrawal will be approved beyond the official drop date—see college schedule --without academic penalty.