History of Western Civilization II
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Exams and Paper Topic

All quiz, exam and paper due dates will be listed on the course calendar.

Paper topics are given in Blackboard, under "Assignments".

Formal Requirements:

1) Paper must be proofread and all errors corrected.

2) A title and heading including studentís full, registration name; addresses--postal and electronic; course, section, and date must be stated at the top of the first page.

3) The paper must be submitted on time. Late papers will be penalized.

4) Make sure that you read How to Organize your paper and follow the format.

5) Sources of information, including the text, must be cited.   "Cited" means that you have a note in your paper that names the source of information and/or ideas and identifies where that information and/or idea(s) can be found in the source.  

If you have a page entitled, "Sources Cited", without correspondence to any mention in your paper of how material you obtained from these sources, then the sources were not cited, and points will be deducted from your paper. 

6)  How to cite sources

For web sources, you must provide the title of the specific web page where you found the information, the name of the web site, and institution where it was accessed.  Include the date (month, day, year) the site was consulted.

In the case of the course texts, it would be sufficient to state: "According to the course text by McKay, page___".  In the case of all other sources, you are required to use an accepted reference form.

A standard form for texts other than the textbook is as follows:

1. Authorís name (first name first), Book title (place of publication, date of publication), pages cited.

This site below provides an easy to follow guide for citing texts and web sites:


A more extensive site with illustrations is:



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