Resources and Related Links

Textbook Site:
This site provides practice tests for each chapter, a guide for each chapter (Mosaic), maps, primary sources.

Other Resources

Here below are resources which can deepen and enrich your understanding of the historical issues we are surveying in this course. This list refers you to on-line sites which give access to classical works on history and primary source material--that is, documents and other records made by people who lived in the past and witnessed the events or experiences at the time they occurred.

(Please note: your textbook provides an excellent list of secondary sources--that is, books and articles written on the basis of scholarly research by historians. Each chapter contains a list of "Suggested Reading" following the summary and notes at the end of the chapter. These books will allow you to gain a more seasoned historical perspective on the subject. They make provocative and exciting reading. They provide a more sustained and comprehensive approach to the issues raised in the textbook. Don't hesitate to check them out!)

Ancient History

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

The Ancient World Web

Duke Papyrus Archive

Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource

The Olympics

Art of Ancient Greece -- the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Roman art and archaeology 1000BC - 700AD

Medieval History

Primary historical documents for Medieval and Renaissance Europe

On-Line Reference Book of Medieval Studies

The Christian Catacombs of Rome

An authorized on-line version of The Catechism of the Christian Church

1066 Archive

Database of Royal Genealogies

Renaissance and Reformation History

The Civilization of the Renaissance

Gardens, Villas and Social Life in Renaissance Florence

Commune of Florence

Vatican Manuscripts

Selected works of Martin Luther (1483-1546)