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Welcome! History is a discipline of study which requires reading and thought, at times beyond what you have experienced before. Exposure to events in history may challenge you to grow beyond preconceived ideas and notions.

In order to ensure your exposure to the important concepts and events throughout this course, I will post a weekly unit of lecture notes to supplement the material you will read in the textbook.

I will post a discussion question on the Blackboard which all students should respond to by the deadline.You will be able to read what others have said and add to, agree with, or disagree with what has been said.  Please support your ideas with examples and well thought out points. Courtesy and respect rule our conduct.

History terms are an important tool for understanding the events of history. When you research these terms, look not just for the definition, but also the historical context and significance in how they relate to other events in history.

Exams will be taken from the textbook material, lecture notes, history terms, and the discussion questions on the Blackboard.

I you should be experiencing any technical difficulties, please  request for help from the TCC Helpdesk at 822-2457.