Faculty Websites

Tidewater Community College recognizes that an online presence is important for faculty members. Therefore, the Center for eLearning offers faculty members the option of creating and maintaining a faculty-related website.GET STARTED


To request a new faculty website, or to request assistance with an existing faculty website, click here.

Build and Maintain Your Own Website
When you request a website, you will be assigned web space, along with the option of a website pre-populated with standard navigation and pages where you can just fill in the blanks with your content, such as a photo and biography. Training resources also will be provided to help you get started.

Already have web experience?
Faculty members wishing to build their own website from scratch may do so.

Create a Faculty Website
To begin the process for obtaining a faculty website, visit the Request a Site section. We suggest that you also begin working on a photo and bio before we create your website so that you may immediately populate your new site when it is available.

Faculty Website Directory
View a current listing of TCC Faculty with a website.

Get Help
We have tips and resources to help you get started.